A Christmas Hamper- what’s the best filling?

A little like a mince pie, the contents of a hamper can be either really good- or really bad.  I love to get a hamper.  It’s the lots of little things that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.  Like posh onion marmalade, or some really good cheese.

Marmalade getting ready for the Christmas Hampers

Marmalade getting ready for the Christmas Hampers

A nice basket is also a  must.  And some nice ribbon.  But they are really superfluous to the contents.  What you get with a homemade hamper is the most generous present you can give, it takes time and loving care to match just the right mix of sweet, spicy, nostalgic and novel surprises for someone.  And of course wrap it all up in a big bow. Course you could get this one from Harrods. But it might be outside most peoples budget.

Monday 16th November 056

Christmas Cupcakes

And really from my brief look at it, it’s really just a lot of wine, food, etc.  And nothing particularly special! For me, I like- shortbread, cheese, crackers, a little onion marmalade, and maybe some chocolate.  I don’t really want wine in it either, unless you insist.  But that is the great thing about making up your own hamper.You can have it the way YOU want it.  I’m busy this week assembling hampers here for clients too.  Each is bespoke, and involve LOTS of food.  This weekend will involve copious amounts of chocolate being melted, a little salted caramel, and some jars of goodness, both sweet and savoury.  Thankfully I have lots of willing testers, myself included, to give critical analysis of each  creation.

Red Velvet Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes

In the end, when designing any gift, what’s important is that the experience is meaningful.  Making someone feel good.  It’s that simple.


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