Back in the Bubble Again- Litfest 2016

Litfest 2016 was on in Ballymaloe and it’s environs.  And I was there with bells on.  Well not quite bells, chef’s whites and apron was the deal for the Saturday and Sunday.

Working with the tireless duo of Florrie Bolger and Pam Black, they make the demonstrations look effortless and streamlined.  And I know both would say that they are backed up by a team.  But the team is only as good as it’s leaders.  And despite one of them being fired (Sorry- in joke) in the middle of service- it went so well.

The first thing that always hits me is the variety- of everything- be it people-

The Team
“Kate’s” Team

The flowers…

Flowers for Litfest Demonstrations
Flowers for Litfest Demonstrations

The flours….

Flours for Claire Ptak's Demo
Flours for Claire Ptak’s Demo

Add the recipes into the mix and you’ve the perfect combination.  When you work behind the scenes you don’t always get to see whats going on in “front”, but this year I must have been extra specially good as I was promoted to Number 2 for the wonderful Claire Ptak’s demonstration.  She is an absolute dote.  And a real baker, knowing by the feel of the ingredients whether to add more or subtract.  I really learnt so much from her about using different flours, which was great.

Rye Digestives
Rye Chocolate Dipped Digestives

Claire was a complete natural in demo, and herself and Jeremy made a great team

Demo at Litfest
Claire and Jeremy

All in all it, once again was a great experience.  Meeting so many old friends, and making new ones.  I didn’t get to spend any time at all in Ballymaloe House or the Big Shed, but I believe, once again, it was fabulous.

I’ll definitely be back again next year.  And hopefully sooner.

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