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Breakfast- Marching a Hungry Army

They say an army marches on it’s stomach. Well, I’m not sure about an army, but I certainly do.  But sometimes when I get up early I’m not really in the hungry phase, and breakfast seems an effort. And if you don’t have time to make the whole scrambled eggs or french toast buffet selection, then porridge is the go to option.

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It’s Porridge Week- Have many ways can I use thee??

We have porridge every morning during the school year. It’s quick, easy and does the job of keeping tummies full and minds alert for the morning’s work ahead.  We all have it different ways; mine with fruits and a scant spoon of sugar, others with milk and weetabix on top.

Porridge is a staple in Ireland for many people now due to reports of it’s health properties. The other positive side is that it comes at a very reasonable cost.  We like the Organic Flahavans Porridge.  There are two reasons for this.  Firstly as we eat organically as much as is possible. And secondly it is grown locally.  These oat fields have no pesticides or other chemicals sprayed on them.  Thereby making the immediate environment also a better place to be and live with your community.
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This week, it being porridge week, I decided to experiment a little.  And have porridge or some form of it with every meal. Breakfast was the easiest of course.

And the bread was not too much of a stretch either.  I make this bread at least twice a week, and the family love it best when I reduce the amount of wholemeal flour and add some white and, more importantly, porridge flakes.
Brown Bread

Dinner was more of a challenge.  It would have been easy to simply use the oat flakes scattered on top of a cottage pie, or instead of barley in an Irish Stew.  I decided to go with a family favourite- homemade chicken goujons and give them a twist.  I whizzed up the porridge to make the crumb coating.  And,  if I’m honest if was far superior in taste to the usual crumb coating consisting of ritz crackers.

Then there was the final sweet touch.  I had only recently blogged about my most favourite apple crumble. So an alternative was found.  I added them to my blueberry financiers.  To much acclaim I might add.  So these will also be staying on the menu so to speak.  But even though they contain both porridge and blueberries, it would be a stretch to have them as breakfast.

All recipes will be blogged in the coming weeks, so keep tuned this way, but if you just can’t wait, contact me here.


For the love of … Pancakes

With the “sleepover” party in full swing, the making of breakfast pancakes was requested. Jords has watched her Dad makes these pancakes for years, so very ably put the batter together while I took an extra few minutes to myself.

For the love of pancakes

For the love of pancakes

I said that I would fry them for her, so got my two “good” pans out, these pans are well seasoned so only need the lightest addition of butter to prevent sticking.

Cooking pancakes

Cooking pancakes

After a mere minute the bubbles appear indicating they require turning,

Nearly ready for consumption

Nearly ready for consumption

And that’s it. Quick, simple, requiring very little ingredients.  We all have our favourite ways of eating them, mine is with maple syrup and bacon, the kids love chocolate spread.  But due to lack of inclination to also grill bacon, I settled for the fruit-cream-pancake-maple-syrup option.  Definitely not low calorie, but surely one won’t hurt??

Freshly made pancakes with fresh fruit

Freshly made pancakes with berries, cream  and maple syrup