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Dance if you want to dance

I love how lyrics can sometimes completely capture the way you are feeling at a particular point in time. And although not an avid Oasis fan, these lines just spoke to me this morning. “The Masterplan”


dance if you want to dance

Take the time to make some sense
Of what you want to say
And cast your words away upon the waves
And sail them home with acquiesce
On a ship of hope today
And as they land upon the shore
Tell them not to fear no more
Say it loud, and sing it proud today
And then dance if you wanna dance
Please brother take a chance
You know they’re gonna go
Which way they wanna go
All we know is that we don’t
Know how it’s gonna be
Please brother let it be
Life on the other hand
Won’t make us understand
We’re all part of the masterplan
Say it loud and sing it proud today
I’m not saying right is wrong
It’s up to us to make
The best of all the things
That come our way
’cause everything that’s been has passed
The answer’s in the looking glass
There’s four and twenty million doors
On life’s endless corridor
Say it loud and sing it proud today
For me, there is no masterplan.  Even in my professional life I sometimes struggle to put in place the “5” year plan.  Although I’ve got better at it over the years because I’ve had to.  And even now with my fledgling catering business I would be a little speechless if someone said- so what’s the plan?
And others are great at it.  My better half is the visionary in the relationship.  I’m more of a roll up the sleeves and do it til you drop kinda gal.  But still, it’s always good to make time to dance.  If you want to dance.

Make Entertaining Easy

The good weather just begs you to eat outside.  Let’s face it, we eat in the other 363 days of the year.  So as soon as the sun comes out for at least 4 hours, we just want to get the wine chilling and the family over and start entertaining.


The Table outside is the first step

The impromptu get together initially started out as drinks and nibbles.  But we got a little* adventurous.  We had some fresh minced beef that we were going to make into burgers for our own dinner, so we changed that idea and made lots of mini burgers to share.  I had already made the pre-requisite brioche dough to make burger buns, so these were just made a little smaller.  

Mini Burgers

Mini Burgers

I decided to bake these in the oven, so as to avoid the messiness of the BBQ.  They are too small to cook without careful supervision, after all the time my better half spent shaping them, it would not do well to burn them! Course I don’t need an excuse to make the brioche.  One of my favourite breads.  I just love it.  


Brioche after it’s first proving

Next on Nigel’s list was the focaccia and grissini. Both are perfect for a party, and went down extremely well.  He loaded the focaccia with lots of garlic and rosemary, which was really tasty, but if we’d been catering for a group that were not family- i may have cut down on the amount of garlic!   We also grilled some asparagus rolled with prosciutto, some sausages were also baked for the smaller members of the family.  


Fresh from the oven, the softest of focaccia

And although Nigel mentioned at one point that there were ALOT of sausages- they all were eaten. I thought I had a bottle of Pimms in the pantry.  But must have used it for entertaining at some other point.  So we went with a limoncello mixed with lemonade and some strawberries for the adults.  And some Naturally Cordial Lemonade mixed with the same white lemonade and strawberries for those not partaking in alcohol.  


Limoncello with strawberries and white lemonade

It’s then simply a matter of putting everything on the table and waiting for your guests to arrive. Something sweet isn’t necessary, but it’s a good way of signalling to the guests that their time is coming to an end, on this occasion I made a lemon scented sponge with a sugar syrup icing, and salted caramel chocolate brownies.  As it happens when I put them both on the table, I went to the other end of the kitchen to whip some cream as an accompaniment- when I cam back they were nearly all gone!


Something Sweet to finish the evening off

If you like entertaining, but don’t have the time to cater, call me for help! I’d be delighted to turn your party into a feast.