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Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

When the kids were all small Dr Seuss and his plethora of books were always popular.  His words just roll off the tongue with a candence that makes reading them enjoyable even though some of the words are completely unreadable.  But when someone is having a moan we roll out this cliche. And everyone smiles. Eventually. Cause we are Lucky.

Did I ever tell you how Lucky you are?

Did I ever tell you how Lucky you are?

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Dr Seuss- The lessons I’ve Learned

Both my kids, and all the cousins have grown up reading Dr Seuss.

I spent an “enjoyable” car ride with the eldest reciting poor Mr Bix

“And poor Mr. Bix! Every morning at six, poor Mr. Bix has his Borfin to fix!  It doesn’t seem fair. It just doesn’t seem right, but his Borfin just seems to go shlump every night.  It shlumps in a heap, sadly needing repair.  Bix figures it’s due to the local night air.  It takes him all day to un-shlump it.  And then…the night air comes back and it shlumps once again! So don’t you feel blue. Don’t get down in the dumps.  You’re lucky you don’t have a Borfin that shlumps.”

And I remembered all the times we looked at the drawings, and all the different characters.

Dr Seuss' Characters

Dr Seuss’ Characters

And I got to thinking about their other favourites- the little yellow digger (I can still recite it word for word), and the Tiger who came to tea, who had the cheek, don’t you know- to drink ALL daddy’s beer!!

But the constant read in our house for about 2 years was Slinky Malinki and all his friends,

And now they are reading everything, from the Hunger Games to Philosophy for dummies!

The Gift of Books

The Gift of Books

Next stop is to try a kindle…….