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I’m in love with a horse called Blackjack

Velvet Blackjack, but don’t tell Missy!  He was jumping in the Puissance in the Dublin Horse Show a couple of weeks ago. And he was fine.  And it got me thinking do we have a “type” of horse that we like?

Is it like art, or cooking or even when choosing our life partners? I think it most likely is.  And, if I’m honest, I don’t like blackjack purely because he’s able to jump a MAHOOSIVE wall.  I think it’s his colour, his shape, and just the way he goes.

And no, I wouldn’t RIDE him.  Well maybe on a hack down the lane! But I would love him.  Very much.  As to be honest, as I’ve said before, a love of horses is akin to an addiction.  I just love them.  Watching them, feeding them, grooming them, riding them.  But like everyone has their favourite tipple, I’ve my favourite type.

As anyone who follows me on any of my social channels knows- Missy is THE one.  We’ve been together a long time, and we’ve had many a falling out.  But when I walk in the yard and she whickers (for food).  My heart melts. And all my current moods and problems melt away too.  And for that hour, or two if I’m lucky, I’m in my happy place. But there have been so many others- and who doesn’t fall in love with a beautiful foal??

The horse

Nigel and my beloved foal

And I’m lucky to have a VERY understanding family. A supportive husband- apart from the “bloody horse always comes first”, to my very-tolerant-of-the-smell son, to my also addicted daughter.  And because my father in law grew up on a stud farm I’m already on a winner there. I think my own parents knew that I was a goner from a VERY young age.


Horses can be companions. We trust them. In the past, people have travelled miles on them and never been let down. When you are with your horse, then you are a very contented person.

Missy at Belline

Looking for a nightgown as I grow older

As the Killers new found BIGGEST fan, I am currently working my way repeatedly through their catalogue. Current song on repeat? (And I mean repeat…..) A Dustland Fairytale. To be perfectly honest I thought I was too old for concerts.   FYI- I’m not.  Second row, all the way.  Standing for 3 hours mind you is havoc on the knees and hips the next day.  But it was SO worth it.

The Killers

Especially as we were so close.  The supporting band- Houndmouth were pretty good too.  Supporting bands don’t get enough credit, and these guys got the crowd going- no mean feat as really a) we were all only there to see The Killers, and b) they sang all their own music!

I love the line-

“Saw Cinderella in a party dress,
But she was looking for a nightgown.”

And it kind of rings true for me. As all my friends know- I LOVE a good night out- but am invariably first to bed!  I love this picture of me in my finery at the Dublin Horse Show.  I was sewing plaits into a friends horse.  You should have seen the shoes!


But I’m not often dressed like that around horses.
Thankfully. Especially the heels. But it was a great day…

And as for a night out.  Love the out part, especially the eating- and wine drinking, and mostly the craic.  But the preparation- not so much. I own a hairdryer.  Not sure why, it gets used once or twice a year to dry something in a hurry.  And I never wear make up day to day… so why would I wear it at night.  I reckon Cinderella went au natural anyway 😉

My all nighter days have definitely gone- , and although I might only wear the party dress for a short while- I still like to wear it….