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The Bath Priory Hotel- My Visit

While attending a course last year in the art of entremet, I treated myself to staying in the Bath Priory Hotel, instead of our usual rental apartment.  My reasons? I felt like a little pampering. And always like to try somewhere new. I love to travel, but am not a big fan of travelling by myself. Primarily because I’m such a chatterbox I find it hard to resist turning to the person beside me and starting a conversation! My better half would be joining me after a few days, but for a while I was flying solo.

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The perfect time to blog…

As I sit here outside on a really fabulous day, himself said why don’t you blog now? The sun isn’t shining on my laptop, the kids are busy studying (God Bless Exam Time), and I’m not quite ready to start the baking I’ve planned for today. The weather always helps put me in a good mood, and it’s a real treat to be able to sit outside and type, without worrying about catching pneumonia, or being washed away.
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Of course the downside to blogging outside is the internet connection.  It also seems to be as fickle as the weather. I need to remember not to get carried away, to save my work regularly and not to even dream of adding pictures to the posts until it’s the dead of night, a blue moon and the cow is leaning against the telephone pole somewhere in Waterford. I don’t really think, for me, that there is a perfect time to blog.  I do quite a bit on Mondays, but that’s because Monday evenings are sometimes quiet around here for activities. And I tend to write and cook after seeing a new ingredient that’s in season or if I’ve a demo to prepare for. (Save work!!)  

Tea time while updating my blog

Tea time while updating my blog

The next question is WHY do I write? Probably because I don’t get all my words out during the day.  And I’m being serious, so, my lovely blog followers, you are quite lucky as really, my blogposts could be a LOT longer.  But a little like me, I think shorter is better!

And just like that, the internet dies.  The “We can’t connect you to the internet” blue screen flashes, and you wonder when you did last save, and that AGAIN you should have CTRL & C your work before you tried to save. But then you look around, at both the surroundings and the company.  And would I really swap it for a room with a 4G connection and an internet highway with the speed of light? No, definitely not.

So not only is it the perfect time, it’s the perfect place to blog aswell.
Our House