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Breakfast at Scuol

When I’m away I like to try different things to start the day off.  You have more time, and hopefully access to more ingredients.  Although in Switzerland, everything is so expensive that is makes it a bit more tricky.  However as those HORRID sugary cereals are also prohibitively expensive, you need to get creative.

As the team and appendages (read- managers and supporters) were arriving in dribs and drabs, was started off with just the two of us.  The first breakfast of fried girolles on baguette was just too good to photo, it would have broken the breakfast internet.

The tomatoes I delightedly purchased in France were begging for an outing.  And all it took was a very hot pan, some olive oil, salt pepper and a little nerve.  You need to get those tomatoes really caramelised.  Hands up who refuses to eat “cooked tomatoes” that have probably never even seen a pan???? Well ?? And with a sneaky few girolles as well. Delish.


Breakfast while abroad

It’s normally a piece of cake, so to speak, to get fresh bread and pastry.  But here it seems to be a bit more of an issue.  There’s no nice baker delivering baguettes to us here in Pradella.

So the other option is fruit- fresh fruit during the summer is the best way to start any day.


The melons are so sweet and can be coupled with other fruit and some yogurt to help you feel top of the world.  Cause that’s where you feel here at 1200m above sea level.

Realistically though, fresh fruit and yogurt in the quantities we are talking about, is a little unrealistic.  So along with cooked porridge, and the muesli option, we made Bircher. Which is, in fact, a Swiss Oatmeal. I first had this really really good oatmeal dish in Ballymaloe House Hotel, and actually, if truth be told, thought it originated there!

It is the creation of Maximilian Bircher Benner, who was a Swiss doctor and nutritionist, who developed it for patients at his Zurich sanatorium around 1900 as a way of shoehorning yet more raw fruit into their diets. His charges started every single meal with a bowl of his “little mush”. Bircher-Benner believed apples had cured him of jaundice as a young man, leaving him unfashionably evangelical, for his time, on the powers of fruit and vegetables.

Breakfast Bircher

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

Porridge oats, I like the bigger variety (about two handfuls per person- 8)

Handful of dried fruit- I’m using raisins

Grated apple (half per person)

Enough yogurt to thin out the muesli

Chia Seeds


Mix together  the oats, raisins and grated apple, and cover with milk.  Leave overnight, or for a minimum of 2 hours.

In the morning add some more fresh fruit- for example bananas or raspberries.  Sprinkle with the chia seeds.

Serve! Not the best picture- but you get my drift!



Breakfast for lunch

Today was Breakfast day in the cookery school, and it was a busy one. We were eating early and everyone had to present their own full Irish Breakfast. I have been bringing down my own granola to have for breakfast and made the same Ballymaloe recipe last weekend. Each morning I have it with yoghurt, and it does mean I get through the frantic mornings cooking without passing out from hunger.

We have porridge every morning at home, Flahavans Organic Porridge, as it doesn’t have to travel very far to get to us.  But while I am studying here, there is no point making it just for one.  We use their jumbo oats to make flapjacks, and I also use these oats in the granola.

Today, however I made the muesli, and served it with some blueberries and yoghurt, albeit a little fancier than I would normally serve it to myself.

Ballymaloe Muesli

Ballymaloe Muesli

I was also cooking another favourite of mine, American Buttermilk Pancakes, these turned out just perfectly, and I presented them for tasting with some sour cream and more blueberries.

American Buttermilk pancakes

American Buttermilk pancakes

As with all the ingredients we cook with, the quality of the sausages, rashers etc were really good.  The streaky bacon were long and not too pink, so less nitrates.   Florrie got us the freshest eggs, and I was concentrating so much on plating up that I slightly over cooked the fried egg, BUT I enjoyed it, and was particularly pleased with the overall flavours of the breakfast.

Tomorrow is theory, and I am particularly looking forward to the lecture on fermented foods.