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Bananas about Banana Bread

As usual we had too many bananas.  Reason? The eldest, the main banana consumer in the family, had gone orienteering in Sweden.  Now, I know the lowly banana has split many camps in regard to ethical/ organic / food miles.  but in reality, I think bananas are probably here to stay. So however uncomfortable I am about them, they are the essence of food used by orienteerers. Easily digestible and prepared food.  But now, with the *monkey* absent, a few bananas were going brown in the fruit basket. I took down a reasonable “posh” cookbook off my recipesto-try shelf.

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Book Review: Peggy Porschen

This book is just built for drooling over, this is the second book I own of Peggy’s, the other being a well worn Cake Chic which, to be honest I only used for ideas as I felt the recipes themselves were beyond me.

Wednesday 26th August 006

But with this one, I was determined.  Quite a number of the recipes caught my eye, but one in particular tickled my fancy as it was seasonal as well as stunningly beautiful.

Plum Cake

Plum Cake

The sponges, with cinnamon syrup, were easy to make, although I only have two of those small tins so had to re use, which took time.

Sponges wrapped with sugar syrup

Sponges wrapped with sugar syrup

Next the levelling and icing, I always feel that to take any top off the sponge is a waste, but for the perfect look it has to be done.The icing is the fun- but stressful part.  The piping work takes a while and I think maybe doing it earlier in the night is a better option, but I was putting it off while I got my metaphorical ducks in a row!

Cinnamon buttercream icing

Cinnamon buttercream icing

And the finished article……..

Plum and Cinnamon Cake

Sugar Plum Cake

With a few tweaks I think I will perfect it, but according to an expert- it tasted great!  Let me know by email, or Facebook message if you want one made.   I’m thinking a caramel one next, or maybe toffee apple….