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January Leftovers

The dreaded leftovers. Everyone has them, no one wants to eat them.  So there I am pondering my Terry’s chocolate orange (it’s not Terry’s it’s mine 😂😂 – love Dawn French).

I digress. What does one DO with a a leftover chocolate orange ?  Melt it down into some kind of confectionery chocolate dessert or the like? Not ideal obviously when we are *trying to be good*

Scones it is. Moderately sweet with a modicum of class making them acceptable to both create and eat in January.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Scones are made up of ingredients that will almost certainly include flour, a raising agent, milk, egg and a sweetener if they are the more traditional sweet scone.
Scones ALWAYS NEED to go into a pre- heated oven; the cooking times are short so they need that heat hit straight away.

Goddards House & gardens in North Yorkshire, was the family home of Noel Goddard Terry, creator of our aforementioned Terry’s Chocolate orange. Did you know it had a predecessor? The chocolate Apple……


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