A day devoted to wine and afternoon tea

Some would say this was possibly a perfect day…. some might be right.  And if there wasn’t an exam looming Friday, and every meal involves picking my salad apart, they might be right.

WWW= Wine Wielding Wednesday
WWW= Wine Wielding Wednesday

This  mornings wine lecture involved two winemakers who came to our class to share their wine making stories, Maria from Alta Alella, spoke about Cava, and it’s production.  She was extremely passionate about her work, and the work they were planning to do into the future, developing their Natural wine line.

After coffee it was the turn of French Winemaker Nicolas from Beauregard Mirouze in Corbieres.  As that is the region where Nigel and I went grape picking, I was really interested both to see pictures of the area again, and also to taste the wine.

We heard about the journey of the vines through the year, and interesting for me, was the idea that the expression of the soil, through the vine, to the grape, to the wine, only comes about when the vine is 10 to 15 years old.  Also the ethos of the growers- doing today to the land what will be reaped in future generations is truly worthwhile.

Grangeot - White
Grangeot – White
"The Red"
“The Red”

There is a photo du jour each day on their blog, and today, at the cookery school we took the starring role..

Then this afternoon we turned to afternoon tea, when Rory, Pam and the team made us drool and salvate at the spectacle of deliciousness.  When words like unctuous and billowy texture were thrown around with abandon.  No samples left I’m afraid.  Only pictures..

Caramel and pecan cupcakes
Caramel and pecan cupcakes


Afternoon tea at it's best
Afternoon tea at it’s best





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