A Muffle of Muffins

As you know I bake regularly for a cafe in Tramore. We decided to try muffins as an addition to the menu.  I  then had the happy task of trying some flavours out to the critics at home.

I was going with sweet as opposed to savoury muffins, and tried three flavours (drumroll please….)

Blueberry & Chia Seed  (to support the local business)

Banana & Chocolate (as there’d have to chocolate in ONE of them)

and lastly:

Caramelised Apple and Raisin

I debated before- (mostly with myself) what the differences are between a cup cake and a muffin.  For me- it’s two things- I don’t believe that a muffin needs icing.  Whereas a cupcake looks unfinished if not iced. The other is the texture and taste, the cupcake is just a miniature cake, whereas the muffin is not so refined, generally not as sweet and often flavoured with fruit.

First up was the Blueberry And Chia Seed Muffins
Blueberry & Chia Seed Muffin

This baby is just belting out the healthy eating vibes.  Chia seeds are the buzz food of 2016, and add a nice topping and texture to the antioxidant busting blueberries in the mix.

Next Up:

Caramelised Apple and Raisin

This took a little longer to make, peeling apples is a pet hate of mine.  But I got through it- thanks for the concern. These ones had no specific topping, so I dusted them with some icing sugar.

Caramelised Apple & Raisin

And last but not least-

Banana & Chocolate

These muffins were nearly too light in texture, which was odd really, as banana tends to make bakes a little soggy.


Tasting went according to plan, and was civilised for a change. As usual we all had differing favourites.  ME? I think the banana and chocolate is a smidgeon ahead of the apple and raisin.  But really, I’d eat any of them.  Might try savoury ones next….

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