A Restaurant in the Sky

I was privileged and excited to be able to fly Business Class with Aer Lingus on a recent work trip to Chicago.  To be honest we were probably more excited about this then the actual trip….

The first thing that you very much appreciate is the check in process.  Usually the queue is a mile long and can take up to an hour to get through.  We just walked up to the desk.  Handed over the travel agents documents and ta dah- that was it.

We very much looked like children in a sweet shop, and the lovely service agent joined in on our enthusiasm.  And sent us on our way to the “pre-clearance lounge”.

It was around lunch time, and I (as always) was a little peckish- so loved seeing all the goodies!

Hols 2016 013
The Aer Lingus Lounge Restaurant

I had some cheese, crackers and a sneaky glass of wine, while my better half tried the minestrone soup.  There was a fantastic array of drinks- both soft and otherwise and snacks to try.  Like any good restaurant the fridges were well stocked.

We were both conscious of the time it can take to get through American Security.  The visa etc were all in order, and to be fair, all the Aer Lingus staff we had met had said we would be called in plenty of time.  But eager beavers that we were we headed down in plenty of time.  These lines and officials are always a bit daunting.  But we faired ok, and took the option of not doing the self service, which meant we got to speak to a real person, with whom we had a nice chat about Waterford.

Of course in our heightened level of excitement we had only half heard that there was a second Aer Lingus Lounge.  the new (only open THAT WEEK) 51st & Green lounge was really a step up.  With truly panoramic views of the runway it was spacious, and airy. And the food- oh my- better than any airport restaurant food.

Hols 2016 020
Loved this light in the new Lounge

Of course I was thrilled to see my favourite biscuits featured- the Lismore Food Company.
Hols 2016 018

Mind you all of the other food looked to be sourced from small Irish food companies- take a bow Aer Lingus, take a bow. And all beautifully presented.

The 51st&Green Restaurant offering
The 51st&Green Restaurant offering

And then it was onto the plane. Tara was our flight attendant and was the nicest person you could meet. There’s buckets of space, especially for short legged creatures like me.  And after a glass of champagne (yes on the way out!) we were off.

A long time customer of ours is featured on the menu, and we were only dying to see what food there was.  Needless to say the food was excellent. Pat Whelan’s beef is always great, and now we know it travels well too.

Hols 2016 038
Some Canapes

My smoked salmon starter was lovely, and it came with the CUTEST bottle of salad dressing I’d ever seen.
Hols 2016 043

Hols 2016 044
Dolls House size Condiments
Hols 2016 051
Sorry about the dodgy picture- my hands were shaking with excitement LOL

Hols 2016 052

Of course I got a bit carried with the important stuff like eating.  And forgot to take photos of the main courses.  But honestly, pudding is what you really want to see? And the profiterole cake really good.  I nearly regretted our decision to each get something different at that point, but the cheese was delicious too.

And stuffed to the gills we settled back to watch some TV.

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