All Grown Up.


My youngest’s 11th birthday was on Sunday.  She absolutely ADORES her birthday, and always leaves a very comprehensive list of requirements.  We are usually away for her birthday, so the list is usually short.  But not this year. Really feeling under the weather I spent yonks wrapping chocolate/ smellies/ hoofpicks etc on the Saturday night so that she would have lots of little gifts to open.  Eldest used all his puff to blow up 2 bags of pink balloons, then meringues had to be whipped up for the “cake”.


Piped for the decoration of the cake
Piped for the decoration of the cake

Sunday morning dawned early for her, but not as early for me, thank goodness. The pressies were all opened then it was off to the kitchen for sausage and bacon.  Good start to the day! One of her gifts was a basketball hoop which was being put on her Granddads garage, (we have no tarmac) so they all went off to put it up, leaving me to the dinner prep.  All the family were coming so it was a big occasion.

To start we had tomato tartlets with Mushroom shots, main course; roast rib of beef, roast chicken, roasted beetroot and garlic, and the usual veggies.  Dessert was an issue, she just couldn’t make up her mind…


Vanilla and strawberry sponge with meringue and cream.
The 11th Birthday cake.

And that was that.  Birthday number 11 over.

My AMAZING husband got up early to do the lions share of the washing up Monday morning (we had already done 2 dishwasher loads the night before). So I just had to sweep the floor.

When at their Dance Camp show last week, they sang this song.  I was in FLOODS of  tears.  You see, my babies, they ARE grown up.


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