Any day is a good day to cook with lemon

With lots of lemons and oranges in the house at the moment, I think a few lemon buns are on the agenda.  And maybe some lemonade. Lemonade is so easy, and is a real wow at any time of the year.  Not just with kids but with adults alike.  Served with lots of ice, in a big jug it’s a winner.  And undiluted in some sparkling wine it makes a really great cocktail.

Lemon into Lemonade
Lemmonade with syrup crunch biscuits

Of course baked lemon pudding, is the essence of home cooked pud.  Note I said “pud”, not dessert.  There’s no finesse involved, no faff, no fancy dishes or elaborate piping.  Just warm citrus pillowy sponge with matching curd that finishes off any meal, be it only a boiled egg! Of course the trick is to get a picture before the savages attack.  Not the easiest.

The remaining lemon pudding with layers of lemoniness
The remaining lemon pudding with layers of lemoniness

Then of course you can make fairy cakes/ buns/ queen cakes *insert other sponge type treat*. I’ve two favourites.  One just has zest with a lemon cheesecake topping….

Monday 23 November 2015 024
Lemon Curd and Poppy Seed topped (& filled ) Lemon cupcakes

It is without a shadow of a doubt, the lightest cupcake you will ever try.  I must, at some stage try to make it as a whole cake.  But then I might just eat the whole cake, as opposed to just eating the one cupcake… The other is a lemon sponge cupcake with chocolate added.  I always feel adding chocolate to something causes it to exceed the sum of the two parts.

Simple, but elegant lemon and chocolate cupcakes.
Simple, but elegant lemon and chocolate cupcakes.

I think savoury lemon dishes deserve a blog post all themselves.  But already my head is off on tangents involving tagines, or maybe lemon roasted chicken. Mmmmm.


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