Appreciate Yourself

I think those two words are very difficult to achieve, well for me personally anyway.  I can appreciate beauty, food, my kids, wonderful hubby, friends, music… I could go on and on.  But  appreciation of my achievements and qualities, I really struggle with this.

I’m not sure why though? I don’t like being the centre of attention, but am not shy, I’ll talk to the wall if I’m standing beside it for long enough.  But to talk to myself, and say, well done, that was really great.  Never happens.

I have only recently agreed to call myself a “good” cook.  This was a major milestone for me, and I need to remember that if they eat your food, make appreciative noises and are NOT related to me then they are probably telling the truth that the food is nice.

My appreciation for pounding the pavement as a stress reliever has forced me into admitting I’m now a runner also.

All these labels?? Yet as a adult these days, we are drivers, teachers, cleaners, diplomats, nurses, comforters, cooks and many more.  I think to really appreciate ourselves we need to relax our self imposed conditions.  For me this means not to raise the bar quite so high. From early on I always demanded perfection in myself, in every thing.  Be it work/ relationships/ sports/ music.

So as I am ageing gracefully I think that this year will be the year for self acceptance of my achievements such as they are.  So this year I will be all of the above, and an orienteerer, show jumper, wedding cake baker- everything but a candle stick maker!

The new gear
The new gear


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