Balance in my life

I’m all about balance. And sometimes need to tattoo it to my forehead so that when I have time to look in the mirror I see it.

In baking there has to be a balance- sweet v’s salty, texture v’s taste, colour v’s content.  And we instinctively do this.

For me to feel balanced in my day to day life I need to feel I have a handle on what’s going on around me.  And sometimes that lurches to one side if I’m tired, or particularly at the moment when my health is not so good.

So I gave myself a good talking over the last week as I wallowed in self pity for the running I’m not able to do and all the tearing about like a mad thing that I am doing.

You need to be kind to yourself- and no that’s doesn’t mean chocolate for lunch- merely give yourself a break.

Balance won’t feel right if you are cruel to yourself getting there.

So my aims for March.

  • Enjoy some fresh air- be it a walk, a run, or riding my horse- as often as I can
  • Allocate non essential to-dos to the back burner- the windows absolutely don’t need to be washed (what’s another year??)
  • Get more sleep
  • Increase my plant food intake- this gets easier as the weather gets better- salads aren’t high on my agenda when it’s freezing cold outside
  • Making time for family/ friends

What are you doing to help the balance in your life??




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