Book Review: Lolas Forever

Lola's Forever
Lolas Forever

I got this book as an offer with my new Peggy Porschen “Love Layer” book.  And really I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to bake something from it.  I set my youngest the task of choosing what to bake, and we actually both came up with the same idea.  Banofee Cupcakes.

Banoffee Cupcake
Banoffee Cupcake

Bananas √

Cream Cheese/ Mascarpone √

Salted Caramel √

All in all it was going to be a winner.

As always when I’m making a recipe for the first time, I followed the recipe religiously.  When I got to the part about filling the muffin cases I ran into a little difficulty.  The method said to use an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the cases.  But my batter was VERY licky, so I just poured.  Then injecting the salted caramel (I bought some- I know, I know- but it was late!) was tricky, even with my filling nozzle.

"Filling" nozzle
“Filling” nozzle

They went into the oven with a bit of a prayer, and soon the kitchen smelt just fabulous.  Family members casually walking into the kitchen sniffing the air.

Lola banoffee cupcakes
Banana cupcakes

The icing was just SO good, a creamy blend of mascarpone, cream cheese, and icing sugar. Decadence, and not cheap either- relegating them to special occasion cupcakes. I should have mixed the salted caramel through the icing, but followed the recipe, to “drizzle” it over after piping.  My caramel was too thick, and although I could have warmed it, it was very late at that stage, and the wolves were circling for tasting.

Decorating in progress
Decorating in progress

To be honest, my food photography was seriously lacking.  Maybe the smell of goodnesss overpowered me.  But judging by the number of likes on FB when I posted the half eaten one- they did look good!

Lolas cupcakes
Banoffee Cupcakes

I would definitely make these again, and am thinking of trying the recipe as a cake next time.  I think because there are so many bakeries in London doing a similar thing, for me Lola’s gets a bit lost.  But if I spotted them as I was passing, I would go in and try one!

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