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Book v’s Screen

There’s always a case for technology.  And I like nothing better then to catch up on news at the end of the day on my phone, but I usually then read a book.  If I’m in book reading mode, I read about 2 to 3 a week, depends on the book, and also how tired I am.


But I also read my first book on a Kindle, a Harlen Coben, “The Woods”.  I read it in about 4 hours. Not continously mind you- but close enough! So I decided to investigate if this was common.

A study was done in a Norwegian University to investigate the possibility if wonder if the experience a reader gets from reading using an electronic device (e.g. kindle) is different from that experienced by those reading words printed on paper—or more specifically, if the experience is better or worse.  The results were interesting.

The two groups recorded equal empathy with the characters involved in the story, and both groups were equally immersed aswell, where the differed was the retention of details from the book, for example plot lines.  They suggest the tactile experience that goes hand in hand with reading an actual book might be more conducive to data retention, or perhaps the fact that a reader is constantly aware of their degree of progress with a paperback book somehow has an impact on what their mind holds onto.

And for the moment, I’m back to books, just finishing “Empire” by John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard, the second book in the Chronicles of the Invaders series. Very enjoyable, as always.  Though I’d love a cameo from Charlie Parker!

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Our Kindle

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