Bowl Food- the facts behind the fancy

Bowl food is a thing,  and not just cornflakes with lots of milk and a dash of sugar.  Many “posh” restaurants from London to New York have been experimenting with food served simply in bowls.  But even closer to home.  When was the last time you went out to a restaurant and had the same type of crockery for the entire meal? A ha.  Told you. (& takeaway doesn’t count!)

Bowl Food

Slate made an appearance in the last 5 years as a food receptacle, as have wooden boards.  I always try to think of the poor kitchen porter with has to clean all of these dishes! When I worked in Thorntons on the Green all of the delph was hand washed, and then rubbed with a cloth dipped in vinegar to remove all the finger prints.

And some restaurants- albeit the posher ones have bowls and dishes the likes no average kitchen has ever seen or used. There’s even a twitter account @wewantplates set up to “showcase” the more absurd “plates”.

Bowl Food

And have you purchased your set of Coupe dishes?? Have you NOT? (It’s kind of a bowl- and kind of a plate!- and no, I’d never heard of one either).  John Lewis (a homestore retailer in the UK) now sells more bowls than plates.  Seriously.

But why is the home bowl eating becoming a thing? I can understand the enthusiasm in restaurants- talking points/ showcasing local pottery aswell as produce/ more money than sense- you decide.  I think it’s the homely aspect of this kind of eating.  We’ve moved away from the formal dining room and settings.  Most dining is more casual.  I might be the only person left (along with my mother) who uses tablecloths.

But rest assured if you come for dinner- you’ll still get it on a plate.

Unless it’s breakfast- porridge comes in a bowl 😉

Bowl Food





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