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Calm is my New Superpower, What’s Yours?

Honestly. And I’m not known as the calm one at home.  But as I grow older and possibly* less tolerant of, well, bullsh*t, I find myself wrapping myself in my metaphorical cape and calming down.

Calm is a super power

I think they should teach it at school, mind you it may be what this whole “mindfulness” is all about. Maybe. I tried yoga when I pregnant with my youngest and never really got the whole clear your mind of clutter.  My mind is ALWAYS racing, so much so that I tend not to finish my sentences properly as I’m onto the next thing. Making me hard to understand, and making me look a little* mad.

So this is my “motto for the month”. By making it into a superpower  I hope I can use my calmness for good.  With my two kids both doing state exams, I “have” to be the calm one, the sense of reason, the pillar of society, and the positive influence. Sounds tiring???

Once the calm cape is on, next listening is the critical attribute. That is often easier said than done, as really if I was to have a specialist subject on mastermind- talking would be it. A million thoughts, frustrations, worries, and daydreams can drift in and out, diverting attention away from the speaker. Active, engaged listening while radiating calm in understanding the issues, needs, and wants so that I can better get on with the job of mother/ advisor/ diplomat is essential.

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” Dalai Lama
A win/ win so??

My Calmness was tested while heading into town this month on taxi duties I saw an older man kneeling, looking like he was trying to catch his breath on the ring road in Waterford.  It’s a dual carriageway, and the traffic moves quite fast, so I passed before I could stop.  I decided, while seeing none of the cars behind me slowing, to turn back at the next roundabout.  As I passed by the other side, I could see the man now lying on a track.  Slightly out of my calm zone at this stage I got back to him and although he was grey in colour he was still moving.  Thankfully. He refused a lift, and frankly I didn’t really want to move him, simply saying he felt unwell.  Against his wishes I rang an ambulance.  And stayed surprisingly calm throughout.  But was glad I stopped, what if it was my father, I hope someone with the same calm cape would stop to help him.

Maybe my cape is finally working. Stay tuned.



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