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My Chewy Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Even though everyone is probably sweeted out in January. A nice dark chocolate, Soft and Chewy, goes down very well with a nice coffee.

These are simple to make, and keep either cooked and frozen, or un-cooked and frozen.  Everybody needs a good cookie recipe in their repertoire.

The secret is the best quality chocolate and some leftover Christmas chocolate that noone really thinks they could/should eat.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies


150g Butter

300g plain flour

200g light brown sugar

50g caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 eggs

125g of chopped up chocolate bars, here I’ve used Rocky Roads


Melt the butter and add in the two types of sugar.  Stir until lumpfree.

Chocolate Cookies

Add the eggs and vanilla essence.  Once again stir until combined.

Add the flour and bicarbonate of soda, “dice” the bars and add this to the cookie dough mixture also.

Chocolate Cookies
Tip this gooey mixture onto a double layer of clingfilm.  Wrap well, place on a plate on the fridge.  This can be kept like this overnight in the fridge.

Chocolate Cookies

Pre-Heat your oven to 190oC, form the dough into rough balls using your hands.  Each should weigh about 30g.  It’s worth measuring the first few until you get the gist of the size.

Place them on a lined tray, a good way apart from each other, as they do spread.  You can freeze them on the tray like this, then, when they are frozen, put them into strong plastic bags, and store in the freezer.  I would only keep them there for up to a month.  Them take them out when you need them, again back onto the trays and cook for 15 mins this time.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies
Chewy Chocolate Cookies ready for the oven

Bake for 8- 10 minutes, until flattened out but still obviously gooey.  Leave to sit on the tray until cold. They are quite fragile until fully cold.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies
Chewy Chocolate Cookies- HOT

Store in a tin, will keep for as long as you keep them hidden. Divine.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies
Chewy Chocolate Cookies


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