My Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns Recipe

I think nothing says Easter to me more than Hot Cross Buns (well, maybe Easter Eggs and Bunnies and the like, and the whole religion thing, but anyway- I digress 😉

Traditionally these would have been eaten in Ireland on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday.  I actually prefer them them day old and toasted.  No accounting for taste.  However…. wait for it, the addition of chocolate is VERY good.  Completely against the whole off-chocolate-for-lent ethos but sure look it…
Hot Cross Buns

Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns


500g Strong White Flour

90g Castor Sugar

90g Butter

10g dried yeast

1/2 teaaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg

1 teaspoon of mixed spice

90g of sultanans

90g of chocolate chips

25g of candied peel

250g of milk


30g water

30g flour

25g caster sugar

25g water


Mix everything except the sultanas, candied peel and chocolate chips together in your mixing bowl until just combined.  Leave this sit for 10 minutes then mix using your dough hook for 5 minutes until  smooth.

Hot Cross Buns

At this stage add in the other bun ingredients.
Hot Cross Buns
Cover the bowl and let this dough rise in a warm, draft free area until it doubles in size.  Dough with “additives” in this case the sultanas, chocolate drops and candied peel, rise slower due to the extra effort required for the yeast to work in rising the dough.

Turn this out onto a lightly floured area when ready to divide the dough into “buns”.  Divide it into 16 balls approximately and sit on a floured oven proof tray to start their second rise.  I find this works well overnight, in a cool place with just a light teatowel covering them.  You want them to slightly merge into each other.

Hot Cross Buns
The next day, or when they are all puffed up, mix the topping flour and water into a paste.  I put this into a piping bag for ease and pipe it over the buns into the traditional “cross”.

Hot Cross Buns

Bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes, you may need to reduce the temperature for the last 5 minutes.  Meanwhile make the sugar syrup, combine the sugar and water in a small pan and boil for three minutes.  Leave to cool.

Hot Cross Buns

Brush the sugar syrup over the buns to give them a sweet sugary glaze.

Hot Cross Buns


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