Christmas is coming.. the turkey is getting fat..

It’s very often easy to hurtle along at this time of year without catching a breath.  In the day job (Pims), it’s our busiest time of year. Payroll year end and all that, and even though I love looking at the Christmas logo at the end of my emails, it’s a struggle to get through them all these days.

Christmas Logo

But each evening the smell of baking, or fruit bubbling away in the kitchen brings memories flooding back of childhood time spent with grandmothers as they made marmalades, boiled hams and tidied the house for the impending arrival of Christmas Day.

Ozzy the Turkey as a baby
The Baby Turkey August 2015

And so each year we try to make new memories.  For the first time in a VERY long time we won’t be spending Christmas with my brother in law and his family as they will be away. So instead we will spend it with my other brother in law and his family.  Kevin and Pam’s children are the perfect age for maximum Christmas excitement, and I can’t wait already.  We will be making new Christmas Eve memories with them.

Ozzy the Turkey
Ozzy the Turkey

And of course, the day is drawing nearer when we will say goodbye to Ozzy the turkey.  He’s got big (Thankfully) and I’m now dreading the plucking, but have no real issue with the “deed” itself as he’s had the best of lives.  Swanning around with the ducks (who’s days coincidently might also be numbered if we don’t see some eggs soon!).  I think he/ or hopefully “She” thinks she’s not a turkey at all!

To think when he came he was such a dot, a noisy dot but a dot just the same.  So now we wait.  Possibly until the 20th.  Don’t worry there’ll be no post about that end of things….

By the way did you know- a young female turkey is called a Jenny!

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