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“Cooking songs”

When I started “running”, I downloaded a great album to my phone, “100 best running songs”. I love to run to music, I think that it really helps me focus on the singing voice inside my head, and not the screaming lungs/muscles/feet that usually accompany the running.  As an aside I find that it is better if I run alone, in the countryside, so that should I get carried away with my vocal accompaniment to my road abuse, there is no-one to “appreciate” my dulcet interpretation.

For my birthday yesterday.  40.  I can now say it. Without choking. I got a fabulous present from my better half.

Songs to cook to

I think this album is a GREAT idea, as not only can I listen to it while cooking, but there are songs on it that I think will be good to run to.  As another aside, this is my favourite card, would love the dress…..

pity I can’t see the shoes…..

So what’s your favourite cooking song?  I’ll get back to you about mine, though it’ll probably be like asking my to pick my favourite recipe/book/film.  I never can pick just one.

This is also a wonderful present …. a truly original idea, and as she is a very dear friend, was complicit in my wish to ignore the impending doom *, so we agreed to celebrate Easter!





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