Cottage Cheese and Beetroot for Lunch?

I was perusing a magazine, in which there was the usual “back to school” lunch ideas.  I don’t know about yours, but mine wouldn’t touch Cottage Cheese with Beetroot. No thank you.  Wouldn’t touch it myself to be honest, but I’m not really a fan of cottage cheese- reminds my of weight watchers.

My eldest when asked every day in Primary school what he wanted in his sandwich, always gave the same reply- ham and cheese.  Jords went through stages of wraps or rolls, but in the end, in the majority of cases it was some sort of meat and cheese.

Feed the Parents Xmas 2012
Posh Nosh at the weekend

I am funny when it comes to lunch, I either want a really good sandwich (good bread, then not too much filling), or something as simple as an apple and a yoghurt.  Other days I am just ravenous- and could eat everything put in front of me.  But unfortunately, unless it’s a late lunch, I find I am just as hungry again in the evening.

Soda Bread Chicken Sandwich
Soda Bread Chicken Sandwich

So until the weather gets colder and it’s soup time, lunches will consist of cheese and tomato.  Boring you might say? Not at all… the tomatoes are perfect at the moment, and there is nothing better than pairing them with a good cheddar cheese, or a nice French Camembert.

So, what do you like for lunch?I’d love to be organised enough to have something slightly different every week, but alas due to the fact that I am not a morning person- that’s never going to happen!  And as you know from previous posts, finding a good lunch can be very hard.  Sometimes only a toasted special with chips is your only man!

Of course most lunches are improved when on holidays and a small glass of vino is included…..





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