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Do less. Enjoy More. My 2016 Resolutions.

As someone who doesn’t usually make resolutions, these two are the best I can do.


Do Less

Enjoy More.

I want to do less.  And I know that will be hard.  I find it very hard to say no.  I can’t even count how many committees etc I’m on.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the charity work, and enjoy my work with the riding club.  But it all takes a lot of time. I would love to have one night at home a week with the family, with all our collective feet up.  But with music lessons here and athletics there, it seems like I’m not the only one who needs to do less!

Pims 404
Coming down from Coumshingaun

Enjoy more is a little easier.  We watched a very good film over Christmas, About Time.  It’s terribly sad, so I won’t be watching it again in the near future.  The father in the film gives the son advice- live each day ferociously.  Take joy in the smallest of things that make you smile.  Seems like a sound plan.  And a simple idea. 

The smallest, cutest puppy
The smallest thing at the moment, my cutest puppy

I hope by following my passions, and being present in my families and friends lives that this will just fall into place.  Fingers crossed.  I would like to never look back with regret, just accept lessons I’ve hopefully learned along the way.

Resolutions are kind of like starting a new copy in school- the excitement of a clean page. A fresh Start.  The idea of bettering ourselves are one of the main reasons for making resolutions.  I definitely have a gra towards self improvement.  Especially when it comes to sport.

Pims 666
My show jumping prize!!!

It’s said that Julius Caesar started the tradition of making resolutions on January 1st as a way to honour the Roman mythical god Janus, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past year and forward to the new year. Romans mostly made morality-based resolutions, such as seeking forgiveness from their enemies.  Not necessarily making them about gym membership- or giving up smoking.

So I’ll try my best, to do less, and enjoy more.  All helpful suggestions welcome! (and no- I’m not joining a gym!!)



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