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Doughnuts, donuts and their derivatives.

There’s been a lot of talk at home about doughnuts, and churros, and other associated sugary covered yumminess.

And strictly speaking, making doughnuts midweek would be a violation of the “trying to be good during the week” rule, so I decided to try making donut muffins.

I had seen these in a BBC Good Food Magazine at some stage, and finally rooted it out.  Strawberry jam is the original filling, but I was making rhubarb jam anyway, so tried both types, and some chocolate filling too.  For comparison of course.

baking time
baking time- real butter of course

The “batter” is an easy mixture, and uses the typical dry to wet method typical of muffin making.

Jam and chocolate ganache filling
Jam and chocolate ganache filling

I think the secret here is to work quickly, the raising agent is bicarbonate of soda, and as this starts working immediately as a chemical reaction within the batter, the sooner you get them into the oven the better.  In the picture above I have 2/3 filled the greased muffin tin with the batter, then added the jam to half, and the chocolate ganache to the other six.

Rolling the "donuts" in sugar
Rolling the “donuts” in sugar

Once out of the oven, I carefully rolled them in more sugar.  Not for the faint hearted I know.

The donut muffins
The donut muffins

Although the jam sank a little, and they really are not the same as the yeasty, deep fried doughnut that we all know and love.  They were pretty tasty, and disappeared quickly at teatime.

The finished do-ffin
The finished do-ffin

And as they say- everything in moderation…


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