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Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

When the kids were all small Dr Seuss and his plethora of books were always popular.  His words just roll off the tongue with a candence that makes reading them enjoyable even though some of the words are completely unreadable.  But when someone is having a moan we roll out this cliche. And everyone smiles. Eventually. Cause we are Lucky.

Did I ever tell you how Lucky you are?
Did I ever tell you how Lucky you are?

Incidentally, when I was in Chicago, there was an Art Museum featuring the art associated with the books.  I would have LOVED to have purchased some of these pictures.

And this Christmas, having the eldest home after missing him so much while he studies in Maastricht, I did tell myself I was so lucky.

And we watched some films that make me feel lucky to be raising my family at this particular moment in time.  The first was a film I had been wanting to watch with my daughter especially.  When I chose science as my degree we, as females were few and far between.  And I was incredibly lucky to have parents who fully supported my choice, I see now looking back that even though I am only 44, it was an unusual choice. And I want my daughter to not have any of those stigmas attached to her education. Anyway, I ramble! The film was Hidden Figures.


In this scene the “boss” is taking down the “coloured” bathroom sign, as it’s taking his “coloured computer” too long out of her day to go and relieve herself. Honestly.  This is not that long ago.  I actually could NOT believe it. And the film was heart warming and funny and scary and sad and uplifting.  We all watched it as a family, from my Father in law of 78 to my daughter of 15.  And every single one of us was moved.

The other film that I enjoyed this Christmas, (other than Star Wars….) and made me feel lucky was Brooklyn.  I often stay clear of watching films that are *acclaimed*.  For no other reason than I’m not really a deep-art-deco-directors-cut appreciator.  More a superficial, take-me-a-way-for-a-while-into-another-world-kinda girl.

And I felt lucky, that even though my first born was now studying abroad.  He didn’t HAVE to leave.  I could just pick up the phone at any stage and call him (well- if he has his phone on!!!), and could just jump on a Ryan Air flight (*sigh*) if I really needed to.

So what films did you watch and enjoy? Here’s to being lucky in 2018.

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