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Every sunrise starts a journey

What gets us up in the morning, to start all our individual journeys? We have no curtains, so most of the year we wake to light coming in through our bedroom windows.  This morning though, as is usual at this time of year, we rose a little earlier than we had been for the last three months.

Of course it was a school morning.  I’m not to going to say too much about this as there are

a) far too many blogs about back to school

b) No-one else is really interested except me, and I’m THRILLED to get our life “back to normal”

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Thing 1 and Thing 2 (she”ll kill me!)

So as a person who really likes their bed, especially in the morning, I get up early to start my “journey”, as the part I enjoy is helping my kids start and find their journey.

Wish .... Do
Wish …. Do

The phrase…. if wishes were horses… is a something I say alot, and I’d love (but never afford) as many horses as I have wishes.  So I’m just going to focus on some at a time, today was my journey back into running and regaining my fitness so I can ride my horse aswell as I want to.

As I venture more and more into cake making and cookery demos I think what a wonderful journey it is.  Only today I was talking to someone about how I just want to teach everyone to be as passionate about food as I am, be it eating in restaurants or cooking for oneself.  This journey will be longer…. and probably a little twisty as well.

The Journey
The Journey

But my laces are tied and I’m ready to go.  And even though the beginning, and sometimes even the middle and end of any journey is hard, as the quote says… Remember the Journey is important!

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