January is supposed to be THE month for getting fitness/ healthy eating/ new you on track.  I think I just need to do nothing- or maybe just  a short holiday…

Christmas is a mental time of year in the day job, and this year has been to a whole-new-level-of-hell worse than usual.  So by the time Christmas day comes I just want to hibernate for a month.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, the lights, the food, the family get togethers.  I promised myself in December, that as soon as Christmas day came and went I would get out walking- and eventually running again.  I’ve joined groups on facebook to help motivate myself.  But it just isn’t working.


And I’m not sitting at home every evening watching TV.  Or eating takeaways every day of the week.  But I just can’t get back into it. I actually do not have one single spare minute.  I look around at 11 o’clock each night and go- right what’s next??

On a positive note I have started back riding again.  Missy is back after her operation, and we are both “enjoying” the exercise every day.  So I suppose that’s something


Missy and I in the arena

So where to now? I’ve lots of orienteering competitions coming up. And will need to be fit for both running physically and running mentally.  And I’ve vowed this year to step it up with my horse- no injury excuses. We’ve started off really well, but if I can’t last for longer than 30 mins in the saddle it’s not much use. So, where too from here? I really want to look as happy as I am in this picture-

The after run glow!

It’s going to be hard.  But nothing worth doing isn’t hard.  My father in law will be in New Zealand for the next 3 weeks.  My plan is to walk all the dogs each morning as a start.  Food diary is underway.  To be honest, my diet is good, too good- too much.  So portion sizes need to be tackled. And I soooooo love to eat and cook.  *sighs*

So a little help and advice would be appreciated.  And I’ll let you know how I get on…


PS I did my first parkrun in Tramore on Saturday and was ABSOLUTELY thrilled to run the whole 5km.  Slower than some people walked it- but I did it!!!!!!

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