Feed your mind

Food is always at the forefront of my mind. But this week I’m focused on feeding minds.


I was invited to speak to some hospitality students in the Waterford Institute of Technology about our software business (the day job- that pays for the eating), and also about my experience in running our own business for the last 15 years.  I was nervous.  I had jotted down a few notes but was really full of self doubt as to whether they would find it interesting, or more importantly useful.

2 hours later I had to stop talking.  They were the NICEST, most enthusiastic bunch of students I had met in a long time. I was privileged to spend time with them, and I hope they learnt something from our conversations.

Then that evening myself and Nigel went to a really really really interesting course by a gent called- Guy Flouch from Eunicas.  The European University Central Application Support Service, as the eldest is doing his Leaving Cert this school year. Both himself and myself were blown away by the courses available to students.  In Europe, unlike here- they WANT you to have an education.  And actually encourage it.  Therefore there’s no points, just a general level, and a myriad of ways to make it work no matter what your financial back ground.  Last year in first Year Vet in Warsaw in Poland.  Over HALF the class were Irish.  32 out of 60.


We decided I was going to do Vet and he was going to get a Business Degree in some fancy Italian University where we could sip espresso to our hearts content. And ……. back to the real world.  In all seriousness there are some amazing opportunities out there for the next generation.  I’m always telling my kids to study somewhere exciting so I can visit!

In essence I am a big advocate of learning.  I loved Ballymaloe, and the new experiences and skills it gave me.  What’s next? No idea.  Suffice to say I’ll look forward to further feeding my mind.





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