#Fit For France

We are going on a culinary road-trip in two weeks exactly, so I have left it until the last minute to get fit.  Well if I’m honest and truthful- fitter.  I have been “running” for about a year and a half, a few little niggly injuries turned nasty and I went back to walking for a while.  But I now know how to warm up properly, a very important factor as we all are growing a little older.

Is it a mid life crisis? Probably, but not really sure of the definition.  I originally started walking, just to get a bit fitter.  My better half was starting to run to get fitter and also loose weight.  But he’s a runner, you know those tall people that just seem to lope along like the HGV, I however look like a red faced Thomas the tank engine after having a bad dose of coal.

When I saw he burned twice as many calories running, I decided to give it a go.  A lot of puffing and sweaty gear later, I can now relatively comfortably run 5km.  Not fast mind you, and it very  much depends on my mood as to my intensity.

What I like about running is the kudos. I run while the kids are at dancing/ music etc.  I use to sit and read, or work, but signal was always hit and miss, but now all the other mothers are “wow, you’re great”.  And I’m like, Yes I am, sweaty but great.  I believe that at least 80% of success is showing up.  So I try to run at least twice a week.


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