We headed to the Lakelands in the UK last week to attend the JK2015 festival of orienteering.


Although due to injury I will not be running, I am greatly looking forward to a walk in the woods, and a little sight seeing.

The predicament with self catering is that you are never sure what cooking facilities there will be.  It SAYS that there’s a gas cooker and hob.  Gas hob good, gas cooker- not so sure!

So to make sure we are fully fuelled for our journey, Nigel and I have spent some time doing cook ahead, that goes into the freezer and brought out the morning we are heading to the ferry.

Chelsea buns were first,

Chelsea Buns
Chelsea Buns

They were a little big, and slightly misshapen, but tasted great.

Bread rolls are great too, as they can be made into sandwiches and also just kept for munching.

Rolls to make into handy size sandwiches
Rolls to make into handy size sandwiches

As we were in “bun” mode, some cherry buns were added to the mix,

Cherry Buns
Cherry Buns

Also a little big, and therefore misshapen, they tasted moreish and were perfect with a cup of tea.

I had jointed some chickens and made Darina’s Shanagarry Chicken Casserole, which we took out of the freezer at the last minute and brought in its Le Creuset casserole dish. I wrapped it very tightly with clingfilm and it went in the bag with the other cold items.  This meant that by the time we got to the chalet, tired and hungry, it just needed to be popped in a hot oven.  I mashed some potatoes, put salad into a bowl, and voila- a meal fit for 4 very hungry orienteers.  As a result no photo was taken, we were too hungry, and noone likes a photo of an empty plate.

Having the casserole dish was great too, as we used it several times throughout the couple of days, either for roasting, or making rice pudding.

As it was Nigel’s birthday while we were away, we have postponed a “happy birthday cake” until home and with my cake tins etc, but Nigel… this is for you!

Saturday 11 April 2015 082

I reckon I’m 25!


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