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Goodbye Dear Friend

We had to put our dog down this week. She wasn’t very well early in the week, but in my heart I never thought I would be saying goodbye.  Vets are truly miracle workers, and surely in this instance it would be ok? Wouldn’t it? But it was not to be.  We had to say goodbye.

Eile and PercyShe was always so tolerant of all the animals that parade in and out of our house on a regular basis.  But she always had a special fascination about cats.  When the kids were small we read the Dr Seuss Book “Did I ever tell you how lucky you are”.  In it there’s a town that has a bee watcher, and then they have a bee watcher watcher.  and so on, so forth.  We really felt Eile was our “Bee Watcher”.

Dr Seuss
Bee Watcher Watching

She spent her days watching the cats through the windows.  And when we weren’t there, she went to Alan’s.  And watched his cats through the windows.  And when the children were small she was always running around, making sure her herd stayed together!  Sunday 21 June 2015 010
Benny was her best friend, but Charlie was a close second.  Though in her hay day, she beat both of them in the run down the drive.  She was always first to the door for food, no matter who was staying!  We got Eile from Andrew, in Waterford Animal Rescue.  I literally scooped her out of his arms, she was only about 5 weeks old.  She never really liked being indoors, she much preferred to sit outside on the deck, making sure we were all ok from out there.  She loved going in the car too.  Even bringing her to the vet for the last time, she just hopped in.  Resting her head on my hand every time I changed gear.  Looking at me as if to say- it’s ok to be sad, it’s my time.

Monday 31 August 2015 006


Eile, I miss you so much.  You were the best guard dog, cat watcher, and child herder.  But most of all you were a friend to all. Sleep well.


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