Happy Birthday Missy

You may or may not know that horses always have their birthday on the 1st January. (In the Northern Hemisphere- 1st August in the Southern Hemisphere)

first show
My very first show- I had no gloves, no jacket, no clue!

That means Missy is the grand old age of 16 this week.  And she doesn’t look a day over 12! And although the rule of the January 1st only really applies to thoroughbreds, it’s easier to apply it to all horses.

Pims 770
Who could resist this face?

And although the journey has not been smooth, still isn’t in fact, the bumps in the road are often quite hard, and sore.  I love her immensely. And although I have other equines, she’s the special one.

What are we up to today Mum?

I often describe loving horses as a disease.  For which, thankfully, the only cure is spending lots of time with them.  And even if I’m away for a while, with work or just life, she always whickers for me on my return.  It may be that she knows I’ll bring bribes, it may be that she recognises me and wants attention. Whatever it is (and please don’t burst my bubble-) I love it!

Missy Double Bridle
I love riding her in the double bridle!

I love the friends I have met through my interaction with horses.  We ALWAYS have something other than the weather to talk about.  And we can talk about it for hours.  And hours.  Believe me. Weeks even! And we all at different levels (yup I’m the worst!) and all have different horse types.  But we all have the same problems. Loading.  Stable stains. Weight issues.  The list is endless!

missy first pic
Jordan with Missy- The mare doesn’t look very impressed!


So.  My RESOLVE, as opposed to my resolution, with Missy, is to try to compete a little more.  And go more places with her.  Even if it’s not to compete. Apart from Bonmahon beach (not going there again :O)



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