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Holidays without pets

Taking holidays without your pets can be a nightmare. It’s more stressful then you think.  It’s nearly like organising a whole troop of children. It’s nearly harder than planning the holiday.

The cats will probably be annoyed, but not too upset.  Percy only really thinks in small doses. So might not notice until we come back.  And he’s often quite happy to see us, as knows we’ll compensate for our unknown absence with lots of treats and cuddles.  Plus it means he can sneak up to sleep on our bed again during the day.

Percy- Do not Disturb

Nicky is the most nervous cat we’ve ever had.  But does prefer the life outside. So any absence at all might not be noticed.  He’s not one to sit on my knee, and only really sits inside with his “brother” on the odd occasion.

Nicky with the BIG paws

Dogs are always tricky.  Aoire is still so young, I wouldn’t want to leave her hanging around all day with just someone feeding her in the evening. So a kennels is required.  Mind you she hasn’t been to one yet.  And really she’s only ever been off the farm to go to the vet to get spayed, and her stitches re-checked.  That alone was a nightmare. Traffic was so scary, and loud.  Mind you, she’s getting better with other dogs, as we have so many on the farm she’s getting use to different animals being around her.  Strange people oddly enough, are not a problem.  It’s nearly the opposite, we could go off on holidays and all someone would need to do is drive up and open the car door and she’d shower them with kisses.  And probably go on holidays with them.  Thank goodness we have Benny to protect us, you wouldn’t even roll down the window of the car!

Wednesday 04 November 2015 020
Benny and Charlie- the two muskateers

Eddie the donkey will also be fine.  He lives, most of the time, with his “Herd” the deer.  He actually think she is a deer, adn whenever the need arises to move him from the deer to beside the ponies, he looks with almost disbelief at them- hollering day and night for his “girls”.  

Eddie the donkey looking forward to his holidays
Eddie the donkey and his deer

And just like getting passports and plane tickets.  Pets also need the documentation.  Passports are legally required for all equines.  They are not even allowed off the farm without them.  Recently we had to replace Jessie’s one (NO idea where it went), it was a costly and time consuming process, involving vets, complicated forms, and registered post.  Cats/ dogs don’t need passsports, but they do need to be vaccinated.  And dogs need to be microchipped. Since March 2016 this has been a legal requirement.  The chips are about the size of a grain of sand and are implanted just below the skin. The details of the implant are recorded against the owners name.  Very handy is fido goes missing while you are holidaying with or without him. So all in all it might be easier to stay at home.  But then- we’d miss the over enthusiastic  welcome back that only our pets can give….


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