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Homemade Hamburgers with all the trimmings

Homemade Hamburgers are always a favourite in our house.  Although Nigel and I have completely different recipes that we use.  He likes to mix his meats- e.g. lamb and beef, whereas I like to use just beef.

I always start by lightly sautéing finely chopped onions, which I cool, then mix into the minced beef, mixing it all together with some seasoning and a lightly whisked egg.  I would love to tell you that I always mince my own beef, but not on a school night darling- there’s just too much to do.  This night the emphasis was all on the trimmings… grilled streaky rashers, freshly picked sliced tomatoes and homemade onion rings (for a little naughtiness).  And honestly, with homemade hamburgers you can make them exactly the way YOU like them.


Hamburger Trimmings Prep
Hamburger Trimmings Prep

Onion rings, the perfect accompaniment to homemade Hamburgers

While the burgers were “gelling” in the fridge, I got on with slicing the onions into rounds, soaking them in buttermilk and setting up my fryer.  I do have a deep fat fryer, but have only used it twice as it is a complete PAIN to clean, and is kept boxed up and away from sight.  I simply now use a medium sized high sided pot with a little “chip basket”.  I don’t even use a thermometer as I feel that I can judge well enough for something like fried onions.

Homemade Fried Onions
fried onions

I pre- grilled the rashers and left them draining on kitchen paper in the warming drawer, trying SO hard not to taste them to check they were up to scratch!  Then the burgers went on, the addition of either brie or cheddar once they were turned.  The oil was up to heat so I quickly dipped the soaked onions in batches into seasoned flour then fried them until golden.







There’s quite a lot of last minute prep, but you might aswell by standing at the stove doing two jobs, as doing one.  The finishing touch of a duck egg on top was very well received, and not a word was said throughout, just murmurs of enjoyment!

Homemade Hamburgers
Homemade Hamburger
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