How do you ice yours?

At the moment my kitchen table is littered with my collection of Christmas cookbooks, from Nigella’s Christmas to Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Christmas, and all the decorating ones in between.

NL Christmas

I recently splurged on some cookbooks that are written around creating edible gifts. I usually give my girlfriends/ kids teachers etc gifts of homemade sweets, or biscuits.

Iced biscuits
Iced biscuits


One year I did up a very popular mulled wine kit, and last year a hot chocolate kit.

A cup of treats
A cup of treats
Without all the tinsel and razzle dazzle
Without all the tinsel and razzle dazzle

This weekend is going to involve lots of fruit soaking, I am behind in making my mincemeat, and this Sunday is traditionally “Stirring Sunday” for the pudding.

I have dabbled in different Christmas cakes over the years, but have now settled on the fruit cake that I make for weddings. I might add some finely grated Cacao. (Love Willie Harcourt-Crooze’s selection).

I use Nigella’s Christmas pudding recipe, and also do her Chocolate cake replacement as a substitute for those who don’t eat the fruit one.

However there may be a type of sweet terrine this year also.

So my question is, what way do you like your cake iced? At the moment I am thinking of modelling snow men and using a home made royal icing, as opposed to the smooth sugar paste that I sometimes use.

I’m still unsure of what edible gifts to do also.  I’m leaning towards fudge, and maybe a selection of biscuits.

Suggestions welcome….



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