I’ll stick to walking for the moment

Due to injury, and an impending foot procedure. I’m walking, not running at the moment.  Recently 2 friends of mine have done part of the traditional Camino Way, and we were discussing it at length.  I didn’t realise that there were many walks on again off again you could do.

The Camino Walking Routes

Camino Walking Routes (C/O caminoway.com)
Camino Walking Routes (C/O caminoway.com)

Although primarily a Catholic pilgrimmage, the thoughts of walking through untouched countryside, with no real agenda strikes me as being a very good idea.  And from talking to various people who have done it, the religious experience is not always the primary reason for taking part.

I thought, from first glance,that the “Arles” route, seemed appealing, until my better half told me about the not insignificant “hills” there are there.  But the French routes appeal to me.

Back roads through France
Back roads through France

This is the book that we used most the last time we travelled through France.  And although it’s primarily driving routes, it is next to near impossible not to stop in the villages and stroll around. This also gives you time to think.  A little like the Camino I imagine.


This weekend we are up in Portstewart/ Limavaddy again for more orienteering.  This time it’s the Junior Home Internationals.  Jordan is competing for the first time, and the excitement is building.  Wearing the Irish Jersey is not something to be sniffed at.  The Northern Ireland Championships are on at the same time, which I had entered.  But now I’m not so sure. It’s too late to cancel the entry, so I think I’ll just walk around.

The problem is once I stop running I find it very hard to get back into it.  The time you had allocated to running suddenly gets swallowed up into something else.  And now that I am pain free, while walking, driving and riding my Missy, I don’t really want to get back into a situation where I have to take painkillers again if I overdo it.  The anti inflammatories made me feel ill, which made me generally unpleasant to live with!

But at this stage I think I’ll just wait and see.  On the positive side, it’s on sand dunes, which means it’s relatively flat. And I certainly won’t start if Jords hasn’t finished her run.  But I’m in such need of just doing nothing for a weekend, I think sitting quietly with a book is also appealing. Now just to find a book….

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