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What I’ve learned from Erin Brockovich

I’ve been taking my own advice quite seriously these last few weeks. Taking time out. Conveniently we have also replaced our sofa of about 25 years, so I’ve been sitting down with the family, watching the movies (Ahem Erin Brockovich) recorded for watching over Christmas, but which we never got around to seeing. And loving it.

I am continuing my education of my daughter in matters of achieving dreams through adversity. And Erin Brockovich, starring the most beautiful woman in the world (in my opinion!), Julia Roberts, was the film of choice for the last few evenings.

Erin Brockovich
A Real Life SuperHero

I have on my vision board that I want to inspire people. As I approach the grand old age of 45 I think it will be the rest of my lifes work to achieve this.

And this lady certainly did that in spades. And although the film is obviously a dramatisation of what is a true story, and I assume had some artistic changes, I think the core message rings true.

At its core, what is the movie about? It’s about a lowly woman doing something extraordinary. It’s not about a woman battling an institution or issue, it’s not about a woman fitting into a job that she’s not qualified for, and it’s not about a woman figuring out a crime. The one and only category is Superhero.

The whole not all superheros wear capes spring to mind. *insert appropriate meme* 😉

And we are lucky in our lifetime to be surrounded with woman and men who have taken a stand. Small or large.  Many working away quietly quietly – my preferred modis operandus. Others shouting from the rooftops- as that is the way to put what matters on the agenda.

What will I be shouting about this year?

Food Waste

Plastic – where do I start

Education of out most vulnerable through Food.

Who’s with me?

This post is Ode to my Mum in Law Sue Pim, who died three years ago this week.  She inspired me every day. I miss her counsel and advice.  I miss her smile and laugh.




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