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Legenderry Day 1

We arrived in Letterkenny late Friday night after a 5 hour drive from Waterford.  The first thing that strikes you about Letterkenny are the amazing roundabout art.



Although the picture is not very good, it’s dramatic effect is still evident.  This artwork is The Workers monument made from stainless steel and stone. The monument was created in 2001 by Maurice Harron, a local sculptor. The monument commemorates a generation of men who worked on building the original bridge and train track at the Dry Arch. The piece of stone in the monument, which the workers are lifting, is a piece saved from the original bridge.

The next one is the Polestar,

Roundabout on the way into Letterkenny
Roundabout on the way into Letterkenny

The site of the Polestar, on the Port Bridge Roundabout, has had an historic past where trade and goods were landed by boat and transported to the surrounding areas by rail and road. The sculpture is made of 104 timber poles and rises to a height of 12 metres. Its shape refers to the outline of a boat, as well as having a locomotive (train track) theme, to commemorate the fact that both forms of transportation played a major part in the town’s development in the past.

We thank fully this morning woke to more good weather, after breakfast we headed off to our first race, a middle distance, in Binevenagh, just North of Limavaddy.  The bus ride to the start brought us thankfully up a steep incline, with me hoping that it meant the run would be mostly downhill.


View from the start


The run was through two types of mixed forest, and was the most enjoyable one I’ve done in a while, although I was slow downhill and through the low forest I felt I “spiked” my controls.

Course 3 mapAll the family had a good run, although Nigel fell heavily on his knee.  Here’s hoping this doesn’t affect his 3 races tomorrow.

Jords studying her map
Jords studying her map
View from the road after we finished.
View from the road after we finished.

Tonight we are eating in Inishowen, Harry’s Bar & Restaurant, can’t wait!



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