Looking at the stars..

Sometimes on a Monday, after the usual hectic weekend, really appreciating the world around me is challenging. I saw on my Facebook memories page (really like this feature), that the Oscar Wildes anniversary of his death falls today.

Oscar Wilde stars
Oscar Wilde Wisdom

His quotes for me transcend the period in history in which he lived. Victorian Society did not suit him, and was too restrictive for his ideas, and lifestyle. But the above quote, for me, says the most.

We are very lucky living in the country to see the stars alot, on clear nights of course.  And indeed, looking at the stars is a very magical experience. When some of my family are away I like looking at the stars, wondering if they are also looking up, seeing the same constellations.

And then I usually break into song…


When I first got an iphone, I was intrigued by all the “Apps”, I saw, “Star Walk” is a great little app that’s an interactive astronomy guide.  Very cool.  You hold up your device to the sky and it tells you what you are looking at at that exact moment.  A great educational and simple little piece of software.  Still love it to this day.  Great little babysitting tool when you are trying to get them to wind down for bed.

So this evening.  Look at the stars (if Clodagh’s gone!). And take time to be thankful for what we all have.  Even if it just is the 5 minutes and the clear skies to look at the sky.  As we head into the most frantic month of the year, I think it’s good to pause.  And, yes, I need to take my own advice!  And I probably will still sing the song in my head, but am thankful, that for the moment, my flock are with me at home.

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