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Looking for a nightgown as I grow older

As the Killers new found BIGGEST fan, I am currently working my way repeatedly through their catalogue. Current song on repeat? (And I mean repeat…..) A Dustland Fairytale. To be perfectly honest I thought I was too old for concerts.   FYI- I’m not.  Second row, all the way.  Standing for 3 hours mind you is havoc on the knees and hips the next day.  But it was SO worth it.

The Killers

Especially as we were so close.  The supporting band- Houndmouth were pretty good too.  Supporting bands don’t get enough credit, and these guys got the crowd going- no mean feat as really a) we were all only there to see The Killers, and b) they sang all their own music!

I love the line-

“Saw Cinderella in a party dress,
But she was looking for a nightgown.”

And it kind of rings true for me. As all my friends know- I LOVE a good night out- but am invariably first to bed!  I love this picture of me in my finery at the Dublin Horse Show.  I was sewing plaits into a friends horse.  You should have seen the shoes!


But I’m not often dressed like that around horses.
Thankfully. Especially the heels. But it was a great day…

And as for a night out.  Love the out part, especially the eating- and wine drinking, and mostly the craic.  But the preparation- not so much. I own a hairdryer.  Not sure why, it gets used once or twice a year to dry something in a hurry.  And I never wear make up day to day… so why would I wear it at night.  I reckon Cinderella went au natural anyway 😉

My all nighter days have definitely gone- , and although I might only wear the party dress for a short while- I still like to wear it….




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