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Marmalade- a little sunshine in the Winter

I love marmalade. On hot toast, or freshly made soda bread.  But am traditional in that I only like it at breakfast time. In the 19th Century the Scots led the charge of putting marmalade on the breakfast table. And I’m sticking to that.  Sure even the English thought that was a good idea.  The Scottish City of Dundee has the longest association with this preserve.  James Keiller and his wife opened a factory producing “preserve with Seville orange rind”.  The arrival of citrus fruit into these isles brought a whole new flavour to cooking for quite some time.  I love to get oranges and lemons in the house, and always have plenty of recipes to hand to convert them into something yummy.

It’s a little early to get the best oranges for making this golden yuminess. I know, I tried.  Seville Oranges are the just perfect amount of bitterness.  It is primarily grown in the Mediterranean, as the climate is perfect for it there.  It has a higher pectin content than sweet oranges, giving a higher set, and a higher yield.  The UK and Britain take 80% of these oranges grown!

Of course in Ireland it is not unheard of to add a little smidgeon of whiskey to the pan. To give a little “warmth” apparently.  The recipe I’m using at the moment does not include any alcohol.  But maybe I’ll make a batch for Christmas. Three fruit marmalade is my go to recipe for when the Seville oranges are not available.  I use a mix of grapefruit, sweet oranges and lemons.  I find this gives the bitter flavour people like in a marmalade.

Monday 16th November 058
Marmalade on fresh brown bread.

So, if anyone would like to purchase a pot, let me know through the usual email.  Looking forward to my toast tomorrow!

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