Meringue Roulade with Summer Fruits

There’s never enough things to do with egg whites.  But there’s a myriad of recipes for meringue! This meringue roulade is super simple, super quick and super tasty. It’s really a take on my pavlova recipe.  Just with a shorter cooking time, and an addition of rose water.

In order to be a roulade, the meringue base needs to be rolled. In essence, this means making the meringue-cream-fruit combination like a Swiss roll. Typically, this involves having a bottom layer of meringue, then cream and finally fruit laid out on top. The meringue roulade is then rolled slowly in the same way a carpet is rolled to produce the final roulade.

Fresh Berry Meringue Roulade


4 egg whites

225g caster sugar

1 teaspoon of cornflour

1 teaspoon of vinegar (preferably white wine vinegar)

3 teaspoons of rose water


200ml cream

150g mascarpone

100g icing sugar

Fresh fruit- whatever is in season or you have to hand


Heat the oven to 180oC.  Line a swiss roll tin with tin foil the dull side upwards, facing you.  Shape the tinfoil into the tin so that the sides are tight to the tin and straight up.  Brush this tinfoil with sunflower oil.

Meantime whisk the egg whites in a spotlessly clean bowl until soft peaks form.  (I use my kenwood- you’d have to have arms like Pop Eye to do this by hand).

Gradually add in the sugar, then continue whisking whilst adding the cornflour, vinegar and rose water.  It’s ready when the mixture is very light and there are stiff peaks.

Spread into the tin, and take the time to level the surface well with a palate knife.

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes until its firm to the touch and beginning to have a coffee coloured top.  Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes.

Take another sheet of tinfoil, and carefully turn the meringue on top of it, gently peeling off the original tinfoil from the now- top.  Leave to cool.

When cold, whip the cream until it starts to thicken, then add the mascarpone and icing sugar and continue to whisk until quite stiff.

Meringue Roulade
Meringue Roulade

Spread this onto the meringue, leaving a small margin bare on one of the long sides.  Spoon the fruit on top.  Roll tightly using the tinfoil as a guide.

Refrigerate until just before serving.  Add some decoration if required and serve to oohs and ahhs

Meringue Roulade ready for the table

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