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A meal that defies the norm- Michael O’Hare

I don’t watch much TV.  And don’t really watch any cookery programmes.  But I just LOVE the Great British Menu.  I love seeing new chefs, and old chefs.  And lots of new dishes to oogle over.

This year the chef that came out of nowhere was Michael O’Hare. The first time I saw him on the screen I literally thought – this will never work.  But even after he cooked his first starter you just knew there was something special. And it wasn’t just his dishes, it was his manner.  He was just so nice! To the other chefs, to the judges, and very sympathetic to the ingredients he used.

But his dishes, his dishes are so special.  And like nothing I’d ever seen before.  Even our visit to The Fat Duck ,the epitome of British cooking to another level, didn’t prepare you for his food.

The mystery starts, with how to GET to the restaurant.  There’s no sign.  Very cool.  Very cool indeed.  And I won’t spoil the surprise.  Although judging by the smile on the security guards face, we weren’t the first to be flummoxed.

A new face in British cooking
A new face in British cooking

It’s quite clear on the website that teenagers are welcome, but you must let them know. Which we did, and Jordan, to be fair, ate everything, and just loved the experience of it all.

Reception - with the "Hands"
Reception – with the “Hands”

There is no menu, except for a wine list.  We only got the tasting menu, not the menu with wines.  To be honest, I prefer to just enjoy the food, and feel a different glass of wine, after a number of courses, spoils the evening for me. Nigel and Jords both had soft drinks, and I had a carafe. And I think more restaurants could do carafe offerings.  I think they are a great idea.

I won’t spoil the experience.  I snapped it at the time, and have just spent far too long looking at the pictures I took myself.  The only exception, because, to be fair, it was on television- is one of the fish dishes-

The fish and chips from the Great British Menu
The fish and chips from the Great British Menu

The excitment was off the scale.  I felt sorry for the other diners- but the staff were so nice, and joined in with our enthusiasm.  The great thing about the meal, was it didn’t follow any normal dining protocol.  So that, just in the click of a camera shot, it was over.
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