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My Exam Stress- A Mother’s Musings

Hilarious isn’t it? I’m stressed and am not even DOING the exams. And it’s not like I’d like to try to sit the exam for them.  Because;

a) My days of Romeo and Juliet are well and truly over

b) CSPE? I’m not a fan of makey uppy subjects.  As my fellow Newparkers will testify there was never a civics class in MY day.
Exam Stress
And I think it has actually worked out with both kids doing exams this year.  Both rooms are quiet at the same time, and both are getting my only-divided-in-two attention. The house would be up in flames very quickly at the moment with the amount of paperwork bundles all over the floors and the sticky notes on every surface (herself’s Irish).

When I did the Leaving it was tough.  I think it’s even tougher now.  The whole social media angle is something we didn’t have to deal with.  If I wanted to chat to someone about an impending exam I had to ring them… Now there are so many platforms on which to, quite frankly, freak each other out.

And, I really should take my own not-engaging-in-social-media advice.  I engaged with someone on Twitter this morning over the new Junior Cert English Paper #NOTafan  And I shouldn’t have.  It was quite amicable.  But only I was actively restraining myself it might have turned nasty.

So what am I doing to support the heirs to the overdraft?

  • Cooking them whatever they want for meals and “treats”.  Both have slightly different favourites. But both want Domino’s Pizza as their finally-finished-exams meal.  Go Figure.  For all my friends and followers who sometimes wish they ate with me every night. My beloved children are abandoning my food for Domino’s. And thankfully the in between favourites include pasta dishes and lots of Granddad grown veggies.  We’ll still start the day with porridge and fresh fruit.  A little like a horse, best not to change anything in the routine coming up to the final competition.
  • Exercise.  Both for myself and Nigel, and the kids.  Even if it’s just a walk up the farm.  A bit of fresh air (and possibly a little rain) will hopefully help clear the heads.
  • Just being there.  Even though all I actually want to do is ride my horse, visit new places and start researching suppliers for our new business- I am staying put. Being here.  As a person to scream, cry or laugh at. It’s the least I can do.

PS English went well for both *faints with relief*

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