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My Vision for 2020

I’m not really someone who makes resolutions at the start of every year.  In fact all those resolutions make me uncomfortable to tell you the truth.

We haven’t had the best of ends to 2019 or starts to 2020. And everything has been difficult. To say the least.  So trying to get all our ducks in a row for 2020 has been/ is challenging.

I am a big believer in Vision Boards.  We spent a fun couple of days putting our 2019 ones together, and although we are a bit later to the party, we’ll get there. I think writing it down is the first step.  Then LOOKING at it EVERY day helps to emphasise it in your brain.  Bringing it to the front of your mind.

It’s funny actually, other than a few tweaks- my dreams/ goals/ vision for this year is the same as last year! I think that actually is the biggest obstacle I have in finishing this years Vision Board.

What really worked for us ( as a family) last year, were setting weekly goals.  We set goals for ourselves, and then we had family goals.  Herself was great at sitting us down every Sunday evening to set our goals for the week.  Some weeks were HARD.  But putting these intentions down on paper, really helps set the right note for Monday morning.

And they weren’t world peace type goals (well not EVERY week).  It was;

  • Drink more water
  • Try a new recipe
  • Reduce phone time
  • Phone a friend
  • Listen to a new podcast

We changed it up every now and then- we set goals for each other……. THAT’s challenging!

With herself finishing school, and himself finishing college- we are all starting on a new paths.  Exciting but scary.  My over-riding goal is to embrace the changes- support my family in achieving their goals!

What goals would you like to set for yourself?


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