New Orleans….

Last Monday. Yes. Last Monday, I was invited to attend a conference in New Orleans.  Even though I’m typing this in the airport, I still can’t quite believe it.

So, as the ticket says, I’m flying to Washington, then onto Nola (am already down with the lingo)

The downside is that I’m travelling by myself, which is always a bit lonely.  But the quiet* person that I am, I’ve already made friends with half the staff in the airport I’ve met!

I plan to take about a million pictures, not all of food, I promise ✈️🇺🇸

So I’ll try post pictures and tell a little bit about my travels.

Tomorrows key note speakers are Deepak Chopra and Colin Powell.  

Dublin airport has been reasonably easy to navigate, except my bag was searched (turns out my teddy has a long spine????), but I had to wait for the lady in front to finish.

Turns out she had two bullets in the pocket of her packed jeans. As you can imagine that doesn’t go down particularly well with airport security. Cue flashing lights and lots of “step over here mam”

My bag was then the least of their worries!!!

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